Keystone Utility Systems is leading utility industry contractor comprised of core team members whose experience combined results in decades of history in metering, plumbing, business, and utility consultation.  Keystone’s team has the industry history and the mobility to manage projects with large accounts of 200,000 meters to replace or a small municipality with 500 meters that need trouble shooting or detailed plumbing repairs.  We specialize in remote deployments, and give our clients confidence that we are bringing our industry professionals.  Keystone provides our customers with strong support through our carefully customized and monitored systems along with our industry knowledge and experience.   Whether you need water endpoints, or a full system overhaul, Keystone has the team and experience to provide “turn-key” solutions and guide its clients through the process from start to finish.


Who We Are

Keystone Utility Systems is a specialized full service utility contractor, with a focus on AMR/AMI system implementation and management.  While the meter industry is on the forefront of an industry wide change, our municipalities are moving towards 2-way smart systems that are both a green initiative and consumer friendly.  Keystone Utilities is staying lockstep with this industry revolution to provide its customers with the best service for their Automated Metering Infrastructure upgrade (AMI).

Keystone Utilities provides its clients with a team of technicians and managers with knowledge and state of the art equipment needed to see your project through. Our staff has the experience and capability that will lead your company through the upgrade, restructuring, or repair of your water system from start to finish. We provide turn-key solutions for meter testing, repair, replacement, and upgrades for meters of all types and sizes in both commercial and residential environments. Through the use of our nearly 30 full time employees, strong network of sub-contractors, and affiliates, you can be assured that Keystone Utilities is the best possible choice to help you to both understand and successfully execute your metering project.


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Our Team