Maquoketa, IA

Keystone Utility Systems would like to congratulate Mueller Systems for successfully completing the AMI contract with The City of Maquoketa, Iowa. Keystone Utility Systems partnered with Mueller and the City of Maquoketa to upgrade or replace 2,500 Water Meters during the summer and fall of 2013.

This initiative allowed the City of Maquoketa to continue to provide its residents with the best possible water and electric service through this advanced metering system.  Some of the features that the new system will provide include “online” customer portals for real time usage information along with a more accurate, up to date, billing system.

Thank you to the City of Maquoketa, Alliance Water, and Mueller Systems for allowing us to participate in this wonderful project. For more information on Mueller Systems or The City of Maquoketa, please follow the links below.