Utility Call Center

Keystone Utility Systems has an in-house and fully staffed Call Center available for use on your utility project. Our customer and technician database system makes work orders and appointment-based utility operations smooth and efficient.

Our commitment to your project does not stop at the phones, we provide custom work orders and data tracking to keep our production and customer interaction at the highest possible level. We will even coordinate your mailers and door tags.

The KUS call center interacts with technicians in real-time through the use of handheld tablets and smartphones. Whether we need to use your handhelds or ours, we can create a workflow and work-order management system that is tailored to your project’s needs. We even provide our utility call center as a stand-alone package, if you would like to perform installation through your own team.

Utility Call Center Services Include:

  • Custom-built data system for setting appointments
  • 24 hour live answering service (Even after hours or on a holiday, you can speak to a live person in the USA)
  • After-hours call routing for emergency situations. We will directly contact the nearest help for any emergency situation.
  • Direct contact with technicians for up-to-the-minute data
  • Customized mailers, door tags, and call scripts that fit your project needs
  • Adaptive appointment times to help with customer satisfaction
  • Direct office-to-customer interaction for quick response to inquiries

To reach our call center, please email Office@KeystoneUtilities.com


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