Keystone Utility Systems Team

Meet our experience team of contracting specialists

Christopher Siegel, President

Chris has spent over 20 years growing and managing different businesses. Chris has a great deal of experience with Contracting Businesses, starting and growing businesses from the ground up, as well as building and developing management teams. His knowledge of building Management Teams, Business Administration, and financing combined with an entrepreneurial approach has been the foundation for Chris’s business career. Chris continues to “re-invent” niche business opportunities as well as continues to build his management and sales team to increase sales volume and profitability in the current businesses that he manages. Over the last decade, Chris and his Management Team have built Keystone Utility Systems into a National Metering Installation business that operates in more than 30 states across the continental United States. In recent years, Keystone has added more utility services to its growing footprint in the Utility industry.

Kevin Callahan, Vice President

Kevin has an education from Penn State in EET and has fifteen years of management experience in AMI/AMR, ten of which have been with Keystone Utility Systems. He subsequently has three years of hands-on experience guiding crews and personally installing AMI/AMR devices, residential meters, commercial meters, performing meter accuracy tests, and testing backflow systems. In past years, Kevin has directed projects ranging in size from localized 1,200 customer systems to multi-county projects of 100,000 meter or greater. As a crew manager and director, he has guided the field installation of 100’s of thousands of meters, ranging in size from 5/8″ – 12″. He also developed and implemented a call center database system tailored specifically for managing accounts involved in AMI/AMR upgrades using SQL and Access. In addition, Kevin held a Backflow Certification from the American Society of Sanitary Engineering, attained his Applied Analytical Chemistry Certification in Water Analysis, and had a Master Plumbers License in WY. This work history combined with knowledge of the industry’s newest technology and his ability to creatively adapt to field situations, make him an asset during in the Smart-Meter era.

Keith Coolbaugh, Director of Operations

Keith Coolbaugh is the Director of Operations with Keystone Utility Systems. He has been with Keystone since company inception and brings a combined 25 years of experience in project management and service management to our team. His combination of expertise in these fields makes him a well-rounded and confident leader in the AMR/AMI metering industry. His problem solving skills and proficiency in implementing field processes help drive projects to success while outperforming other companies in all measurable KPI. His hands-on approach to customers in the utility industry allows him to develop these processes with the unique needs of the utility in mind. Keith also owns and operates a 65 acre Pennsylvania Christmas tree farm. The Christmas tree farm has been in operation for over 80 years and selling trees to the local community for 75 years. This sustainable, feel good, renewables operation is a labor of love and the family takes pride in preserving its legacy for future generations.

Shantel Altemose, Call Center Manager/Customer Service Director

Shantel has worked for KUS in the AMI industry for nearly a decade coordinating project efforts between the utility, their customers, and the team members in the field.  She manages the processes that allow us to set appointments with customers directly and works to keep our field team on pace for project success.  Her team of 6 professional AMI/AMR customer service representatives is available for your project. The long list of Shantel’s responsibilities include fielding outgoing/incoming calls, coordinate field schedules, provide QA/QC oversight, routing team members for efficiency, building call scripts for projects, and working directly the utility managers to ensure the message to your customers is uniform and in line with the project scope and details.  In addition to her work accolades, she is life-long resident of our native NEPA area, the proud mom of two fantastic young men, and enjoys making the space in which she works comfortable for all her team members. – 570-406-7634

Chris Motta, Senior Project Coordinator

Chris, being a Mississippi resident, brings southern charm to our team and he excels in detailed project coordination from deployment to substantial completion. With his 7 years of industry experience and his trajectory from field team member to project coordinator, Chris brings dynamic industry knowledge to his job which allows him to outperform others in his field. Over the last 3 years he has managed jobs nationally, while still staying close to projects in the south. As a Project Coordinator he is tasked with assisting in bid proposals, meetings, report generation, and coordination of all that is required to keep a project going. Project efficiency starts with planning and coordinating.  The Project Coordinator starts their work before a project begins and continues to assist with all stages of a project to ensure KUS success and efficiency isn’t derailed by a minor issue along the way. He is also responsible for hiring and project staffing by making employment ads and conducting interviews. He has industry experience with many types of WOMS (Work Order Management Systems), where data is critical and make sure the project is running efficiently. Chris Motta is often the first and last person to interact with a project and has a the level of professionalism and keen industry knowledge that helps keep your utility project on task.


Bob Romanczuk, Chief Controller

In the last 6 years, Bob has worked his way into a position of accountability for the entire KUS team.  He creates weekly/daily/monthly KPI reports that allow our whole company to review the success of their decisions on both a micro and macro level.  In conjunction with this, he is also responsible to file and keep up with all certified payroll, prevailing wage, invoicing, and project pipeline reporting.  Bob’s AMI/AMR industry experience means that he can work with a multitude of industry professionals across states and projects to help keep KUS in compliance with regulations and labor laws.  He also provides accountability for our team by managing vehicle fleets, credit card and fuel card reconciliation, W-4 and 1099 processes, and labor COGS analysis.  The only thing sharper than Bob’s skills as a financial analyst, are his skills from behind the pool cue.  Bob is an avid player of billiards and has competed in tournaments across the US. – 570-237-69778

Projects Team

The Projects Team is set to overlook all projects to be sure that every project is getting the attention requires and is running at full capacity. The team currently consists of Kevin Callahan (Vice Presdent), Chris Motta (Project Coordinator), Keith Coolbaugh (Director of Operations), and Shantel Altemose (Call Center Manager). This team has a weekly meeting to discuss any active topics and concerns about project details. The team also has an email that is linked to all members The Projects Team’s main goal is for no stone to be left unturned and for no project issues to fall through the gaps. We are eager to grow as a team and work together to take on more projects.

Frank Lavelle, Senior Project Manager

Bill Balascio, Project Manager

Davey Phouthvong, Project Manager 

Kyler Payne, Project Manager

Drew Hett, Project Manager

Zach Breyel, Project Manager

Andres Arriola, Project Manager 

David Randloph, Project Manager 

Nancy Petrokonis, Executive Secretary